Thursday, January 14, 2010

We've moved!

Our blog has been improved and is now at a new address.  Better content, stunning images, and lots of great design news and tid bits.  Check it out:

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Buzz - Guest Blog Feature on StyleUnveiled

StyleUnveiled is quickly becoming a wedding standard for brides planning beautiful wedding days.  Recently one of our weddings was featured on their beautiful site and is currently in the running for a local favorite wedding in the Local Love section of their site - if you haven't voted for Sara & Andrew's wedding yet - please feel free to cast your vote today!

This morning, we have the honor of being a guest blogger on their SF edition blog - again featuring another beautiful wedding at The Cliffs Resort in September.  And this one - was a done on a budget! (realistic that is).

Many thanks to the fabulous StyleUnveiled ladies for the collaboration.  Stay tuned for some really exciting combined projects in 2010 - and that's all I can say right now!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boutique Express Packages - the collection of centerpieces

The savvy bride's choice for high style on a budget.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thumbs Up!

Chloe at Mike Larson Inc. emailed this picture to me.  Heidi one of our beautiful brides, whom I didn't meet until the day before the wedding (she lives in CO, and decided the Central Coast was the place to get married - and who can possibly argue!) planned all of her flowers via emails and a couple of phone calls.  One of our very simple packages, was customized to meet her vision and was delicately packed and sent along with her photographer Chloe, who just happens to have an office right next door.  It can be a scary process to plan from afar - for both of us.  This picture tells the tale - and I'm so honored.

Such a pleasure to work with you Heidi - thank you for choosing to work with us and trusting us with your ideas.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heather + Nick - 10.10.09 Meridian Vineyard

There simply is nothing like the turning vines of a vineyard and the golden sun to bring on the instinctual need for celebration.  There is no better setting in California for a fall wedding than a robust vineyard and on the Central Coast, Meridian is a classic and all artfully captured by Mike Larson at Mike Larson Inc.

Working with Heather and her fabulous mom Karen on this wedding was such a pleasure.  Heather's choices for color and Karen's penchant for classic elegance were a really beautiful combination set against the setting sun, old California oak trees and acres or rolling vineyards.

Bright green, pink and orange blooms vibrated against the elegant black dresses worn by the bridesmaids.  Natural elements of manzanita trees with clusters of green flowers framed the bride and groom through the ceremony, while velvety moss balls with clusters of colorful blooms hung on each side of the aisle. Stunning simplicity ruled the reception with several versions of centerpieces.  Tall white calla lilies, one of the bride's favorite flowers were incorporated into tall cylinder vases, bound together with vibrant green wire and surrounded by smaller cylinder vases with floating candles in them.  Another version worked three callas around the same tall cylinder vase, grouped with two vases of green hydrangea and more floating candles.  The last version brought together a beautiful bouquet of bright mixed blooms and fun greens, again surrounded with candle light.  One of my very favorite cakes, designed by Yarrow at the Cakery - black swirls on a classic square stacked cake accented with a profusion of our green cymbidium orchids atop our green silk boxes as a riser.

Harvest celebration menu and cuisine by Epic Weddings at  This day was beautifully orchestrated by the lovely Laura Robertson and her team at TOS Events - so great to work with you always!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bursting with a Grateful Heart

As I near the end of our 10th wedding season (our last wedding is this weekend), I am overwhelmed with all that has come to my little world in that time.  At this time of year, I feel especially blessed and just want to send this grateful list into the universe with a most thankful, true heart.

  • My partner in life - who encouraged me to set out in my own direction and follow my bliss, who has stuck by me through the thick and thin of being my own boss, and who has been an incredible father to our beloved daughter while I am caught up in wedding fabulosity on the weekends.  You have made my world possible.
  • My Parents - who upon my early declaration to be an artist when I grew up, encouraged me find something I could make a living at.  They always believed in and encouraged my artistic ability, but strongly encouraged some sense of practicality and grounded me in the realities of life.  They are both some of the hardest working people I know - and my sense of "getting things done" comes directory from them. They also recognized my deeply independent nature and allowed me to be who I had to be and find my way.

  • My colleagues in the industry - many have become incredible friends to me and I have come to admire and appreciate them so much.  You continue to make me better and your support means the world to me.
  • Our incredible brides - over 350 brides and mothers of the bride - we've met some incredible people.  Many have stayed in touch.  I love to see many start their own families, business and thrive in life.  It is such an honor to know you for the months before your wedding and to be involved in such a amazing day.
  • Inspiration - it abounds.  It is the elixir that keeps me in love with what I do.  Sometimes it comes from my brides, sometimes from a dream, nature, art, the flower market, a trip or a shred of a creation I've seen somewhere that I can spin to make unique or personal.  I love the process and the possibilities. (pictures are from my biggest inspiration trip ever - Paris!)
  • Opportunity - it's everywhere!  Even when the economy is bleak, I find incredible opportunity for growth, to learn, to be better, to work smarter, to take advantage of what is right in front of me and be creative.
  • Challenge - without it, I would curl up and die.  It is what spurs me on, to the next great thing, to try things a new way and innovate - to solve problems on the spot, to look forward and anticipate. 
  • Color - or Colour, as I know it.  Though I have a difficult time wearing it, I LOVE it - in my hands, on the walls, around me.  It makes me joyful, it helps me breath, see and feel.  It is an energy with its' own frequency.
  • Experience - sadly, it comes with age (which I'm coming to terms with - sort of) - but I definitely rely on it - and even savor it at this point.  I didn't have it when I first ventured out, but it is in fact, the best teacher one could hire.

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    San Francisco Style Unveiled Featured Wedding

    It's been a really good buzz week for panacea event floral design - one of our favorite weddings and wedding couples were showcased on in the huge featured wedding spread on theSan Francisco Style Unveiled site.

    We're honored to say the least and have made some new friends in the process.  Most important - this is an example of what working with an awesome group of wedding vendors can bring to your wedding.

    Stay tuned - there's more good news coming.